The Hikes

The Valpelline valley offers a wide choice of hikes for mountain lovers, ranging from families to expert alpinists. Numerous mountain lodges allow for you to recover your energies with typical Aosta Valley products at the end of the trails between the some of the most fascinating mountains in the whole Alpine mountain range. The Valpelline and the Gran San Bernardo valleys can be crossed by different trails, such as Alta via n°1, the Matterhorn tour, the Combins tour and the tour of Barrages, ideal for lovers of excursions that last many days.

The Fishing

Created in 2010, the fishing reserve of Valpelline is one of the most important in the regional. Located in the river Buthier, it continues for more than 3 km and thanks to the Nokill, flyfishing, and spinning fisher the continued presence of over 500 g trout. Excluding the reserve, the whole Buthier is allowed to fish from the May 1st until the second Sunday of October.

The Nordic Walking

The Valpelline valley is the right place to start or to practice this interesting sport. Thanks to the use of sticks, Nordic walking provides functional exercise for the whole body. The Cretaz family are delighted to make the sticks for Nordic walking available for you. Furthermore there are numerous instructors awaiting you to organize private or collective walks.

The Golf

Lovers of golf can relax in the fascinating golf club of Les Arsanières in Gignod, situated only 7 km from the hotel. In less than one hour by car there is a 9-hole golf club called Courmayeur, at the foot of Mont Blanc, and the 18-hole golf club of Matterhorn. These two golf clubs are amongst the most spectacularly located in all of Europe.

The Alpinism

The Valpelline offers a wide choice of peaks to climb – there is a challenge for climbers of all abilities. For those with climbing experience we recommend starting from the Mont Gelé before moving to the more challenging and fascinating Dent d’Herens and Grand Combin. Our local alpine guides can lead you on any of five different climbing routes, on hikes along breath-taking crests, or even ice-climbing for the most adventurous.