Not to be missed

The Seasoning Center of Fontina Cheese

Foodies cannot afford to miss the seasoning centre of the fontina cheese D.O.P, the most famous cheese of the Italian alps. As it has to be seasoned in fresh and moist places, the old copper mines of Aosta offered the perfect environment. Here you can walk along tunnels containing up to 60 000 form of cheese, and observe the meticulous daily salting that is carried out within.

The Lake of Place Moulin

Built from 1955 to 1965, it was the biggest Italian dam and one of the most important in Europe. The dam is 155m high and 678m wide, and it contains the water needed to supply the hydroelectric power plant of Valpelline. Thanks to this and numerous others water reserves, the Aosta Valley can satisfy all of its electric needs.

La Seuppa à la Vapelenentze

It is the typical meal of the Valpelline. As handed down by the tradition, it is simply made with bread, fontina cheese and cabbage when it if fresh from the garden. All this is left in the oven for a few hours, as in the previous centuries, when the families, back from Sunday mass, returned to find their lunch ready to eat.

The Historical Carnival of the “Coumba Freida”

Masks that remember the transition of Napoleon in the 19th century, masks that for their beauty were included at the opening ceremony of the winter Olympic games of Turin 2006. The carnival of the “Coumba Freida”, full of dances and chants, is certainly the most spectacular of the Aosta Valley, full of mystery, history and eccentricity – certainly one to be experienced.

The Saint Orso Fair

On January 30th and 31st the roads of the historical centre of Aosta host the millenary exhibition. Hundreds of the best craftsmen and artists show their sculptures made on wood and other materials. At night, the roads are full of traditional folk groups that exhibit our local chants and dances.